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Warrent of Fitness - WOF


By law you are required to get a Warrant of Fitness every six months if your vehicle is more than six years old. Otherwsie every 12 months. The WOF is there to make sure your vehicle is still road safe – so it’s important not to leave it too long.

Why not just get a WOF done with your vehicle service? Servicing is important for keeping your car in tip-top running order, so it’s important to have it done every 10,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Best of all, when you get a regular WOF with your service, it gives you a chance to deal with minor issues as they come up.

Save yourself money and time – book your WOF and service today.


warrent of fitness


It is a good idea to combine your Warrent of Fitness, (WOF), and your vehicle service together. Why? Because WOF inspections do not cover all aspects of your vehicle. For example, engine, differential, gear box, clutch, lubricant levels and condition, brake pad thickness are not checked in WOF inspections. But they can be checked as part of the vehicle service.

mobile break down service


In the event that your vehicle breaks down, we have repair vans on the road that can assist you. From jump starts and battery replacements, through to small repairs. We can also provide a towing service.


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